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Planting, Winter 2016

So December is not only the time to get in the Christmas spirit, it is also the time where here on the farm in Herefordshire, the planting of new blackcurrants occurs. Just over a week ago, Farm Manager, James, sent me across some great photos of one cold, frosty and misty morning where he was out planting our favourite purple fruit. This winter we have planted a variety of blackcurrants we have never planted before and this variety is called Ben Lawers and these little beauties won't be ready to be harvested until Summer 2020. We have decided to venture out and plant Ben Lawers as it has agronomic qualities, it is harvested mid-season and it is known to produce a good yield. We're looking forward to seeing how Ben Lawers gets on, so look out for the update in 2020!



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Thursday 8th December 4pm - 8pm
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Thursday 24th November - Sunday 11th December
Kilver Court Christmas Fair
Saturday 10th December
Harvest 2016

It's Harvest time here at British Cassis and we are currently gathering the blackcurrant’y goodness from our Ben Gair

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