Spotted: White Heron gracing Britain’s most exciting habitats.

Peek through the reeds and see what White Heron is up to. Our news page is where you can stay in the know about our events, competitions and all the latest sightings!

Behind The Scenes

Bubbly Donna

Take a sneek peak at our most newest member of the vat family 'Donna'. Bubbling away nicely, eating plenty of sugar, batch Donna is aptly named after our new sales manager who recently joined us here at HQ. Please let her know if you would like to become one of our stockists email her on or please do not hesitate to ring us here at the office 01544 340241.

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March - Winter Planting 2018

Here on the farm its the winter planting season.

Harvest 2017

That’s a wrap! 

Planting, Winter 2016

So December is not only the time to get in the Christmas spirit, it is also the time where here on the farm in Herefo

Harvest 2016

It's Harvest time here at British Cassis and we are currently gathering the blackcurrant’y goodness from our Ben Gair

Jo Hilditch - The One and Only!

Jo Hilditch is a farmer, mother and entrepreneur as well as Chair of the Blackcurrant Foundation.

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