140 Years of passion in every bottle

In the rolling fields of our Herefordshire farm, grows a tiny currant. Rarely seen and little known, this succulent fruit is harvested under the summer sun and carefully crafted into the very finest cassis.

At White Heron we use a technique similar to winemaking in order to perfectly capture the intensity of freshly picked British blackcurrants. Once the blackcurrant juice has fermented naturally with champagne yeast, we blend it with a little vodka to fortify and add sugar to bring out the rich fruity flavour.

Field containing blackcurrants
Blackcurrants close up

“As a fourth generation Herefordshire farmer, I believe in sustainability and the importance of knowing where our food and drink comes from. In many ways, life on Whittern Farm hasn’t changed that much in the 140 years my family has farmed it. In my youth, just as in my great-grandfather’s youth, summer days were punctuated by the blackcurrant harvest. Each year, we pick this delicious fruit from rows upon rows of vibrant green bushes. Over the decades, the currants have been made into jams, cordials and desserts. But, for me, nothing beats the incredibly special flavour achieved when we make cassis from them.

The name Whittern means white heron. These iconic birds (commonly known as great white egrets) used to breed at The Whittern. Nowadays, they are seen only infrequently. To me, they’re a symbol of the natural environment our blackcurrants are grown in so it felt fitting to name our company after these elegant, sophisticated characters.”

Jo Hilditch, Founder

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