British Sparkling Wine

Meticulously Crafted in England

The White Heron estate has been growing fruit for years and years, but new excitement has come with new vineyards. The finest grapes—Seyval Blanc, Madeleine Angevine, and Reichensteiner—are delicately balanced, using the Charmat method to make a sparkling wine that enhances the easy-drinking peach and apple flavours.

Tasting Notes

Easy-drinking notes of peach and apple that are both refreshing and harmonious.

Treat your guests
(and you!)

Nothing says 'extra special' more than a bottle of British Cassis by your fizz or cocktails. The signal for a great evening/time.


“A luxurious and versatile liqueur, adds a rich fruity velvet to cocktails and mixers” Alex K, Master Mixologist at Swanky Club, London
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